How to become hero to zero?

speaking english.

learning a new language seems easy. not a computer language by the way, i am talking about languages like english, german, chinese or something. the real problem isn’t learning, it is thinking. if you can’t think in english, you can’t speak it right like me. i am following this pattern when i speak english:

  • think in turkish,
  • speak but not loudly, in your brain.
  • when you catch “oh, it’s a good sentence.” thought, translate it to english, in your brain again.
  • say it.

but it is wrong and unnatural. and i don’t know what to do. everybody says “you need some practice” but what if i don’t have a chance to speak with somebody? actually, i think this is my biggest problem to find a job in countries except turkey.

May 10, 2019


Written by Mustafa Turhan.

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